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on 31 August 2015 (#76745629)
On 30 May 2022
Love Witch


Basically what we have here is a dreamer. Somebody out of touch with reality.
― Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides

Traveler, citizen of the world. Beach lover and clumsy by birth. Drama student. I enjoy reading, writing, loud music, and watching Netflix non-stop. I prefer winter over summer, and tea over coffee. I watch too many tv shows/movies and read a lot to name my faves. You can friend me, talk to me or just say hi (or all of the above).

My fandoms: DC, Marvel, Merlin, SPN, THG, TMI/Shadowhunters, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Constantine, Hannibal, Call the Midwife, Star Wars, WoW, Vikings, The Borgias, Twin Peaks, The Addams Family, Penny Dreadful, Bates Motel, Sense8, Inception, Star Trek, His Dark Materials, Historical RPF, Musicals/Broadway.

I also enjoy anything sci-fi, fantasy, magical, horror, anime, things set in another era or alternative universe, stories about witches and ghosts and the supernatural. Interested in comics, art, musicals, books, movies, history, mythology, astrology, religion, philosophy, sociology, languages, astronomy, the sea, and a very long etc.
{SHIPS} Arthur/Merlin, Peter Parker/Wade Wilson, Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, America Chavez/Kate Bishop, Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes, Scott Lang/Clint Barton. Natasha Romanoff/Maria Hill, Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, Dick Grayson/Midnighter, Dick Grayson/Tiger, Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd, Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane, Poe/Finn, Lito/Hernando, Kala/Wolfgang, Batsheba Everdene/Gabriel Oak.

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