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It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Masterlist!

Here it is, fanart, fanmixes and all my fics in one place (well...almost). I'll update the list as soon as I find the fics I've written here and there. You can also check out my AO3.

[Welcome to the inner workings of my mind]

The Other Selves
Hannibal|Will Graham/Hannibal|PG-13|3,067 words
Summary: In a world were twin souls are meant to meet one another and be forever bound, Will Graham remains a skeptic. That is until he crosses paths with Hannibal Lecter and his own mark appears. A scar burning red. A chase begins, one paved with denial and want, until Will can no longer hide the fact he's already met his other half.

Between Arizona, an Angel and a Winchester
Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Castiel|NC-17|3,066 words
Summary: Bringing Castiel along to an old west con, might not be the best idea, but Dean never thought Cas would look as good as he does dressed as a cowboy. Leading them both to a different kind of weekend than the one planned.

Relics of the Old|AO3
Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Castiel|PG-13|1, 279 words
Summary: Dean is a soldier sworn to protect the new world from the threats of the ancients, he was born to do the job simply because it's in his DNA(clones AU).

Whispers of the Ice
Sense8|Gen: Riley, Sun|PG|1,227 words
Summary: Riley and Sun share their time and their memories. They know loneliness and loss better than anything. [Written for Yuletide 2015]

Everlasting Light
Sense8|Gen: Riley, Sun, Kala|PG|1,234 words
Summary: Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you and hold your hand through the rough patches of life. [Written for Night On Fic Mountain 2016 exchange, it can be read as a follow up to Whispers of the Ice, since that was my intention ;) but you don't need to read the other fic to understand this one]

Extra Time
Club de Cuervos|Isabel Iglesias/Rafa Reina|R|1,230 words
Summary: Rafa can make Isabel leave her frustrations behind. They just get each other.

A Survival Guide for the Holidays
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|1,162 words
Summary: Morgana is feeling downcast thanks to the holiday season, it isn’t until Arthur and Merlin intervene that she might find a new meaning for the holidays. [Written for the 2015 Winter Knights holiday fest.]

An Old Knot in the Heart|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG-13|1,379 words
Summary: Arthur is trying to hide from fans and bandmates alike when he meets a mysterious man. [Inspired by the song Magic Man by Heart, and written for the Prompt #217: Classic Rock over at Camelot drabble.] Warnings: a brief mention of alcohol and hints of recreational drug use.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG-13|1,200 words
Summary: Memories are the past, until they're not, and they're more alive than ever. (Partly inspired by The Notebook *gasp*)

Raise Me to Your Lips|AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG-13|1,166 words
Summary: Introducing Merlin to the Pendragon Clan wasn't the best move on Arthur's part, now Merlin's hiding. (Vampires AU)

With Golden and Silver Light
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG-13|1,872 words
Summary: Plagued by nightmares Morgana suggests Arthur to seek the professional advice of a Dreamer, giving him the card of Master Emrys. A man of great talent, who could be the answer to Arthur's terror filled nights. [A hybrid of sub-genres and tropes I like, with lots of inspiration from Steampunk]

From the East to the North
Myths & Legends: Legends of the Wild Hunt|Gen: Gwynn ap Nudd and the Tylwyth Teg|PG|1,010 words
Summary: At night they ride across the sky in black horses hunting for souls, stalking in the dark. [Written for Once Upon a Fic 2016, an exchange primarily focusing on fairy tales, myth and legends. I got a prompt asking for Gwynn ap Nudd as a leader of the Wild Hunt. There are mentions and allegories to death and the underworld, with a dash of poetry references.]

We Own the Sky
Star Wars: TFA|Poe/Finn|PG|1,051 words
Summary: Once he was known as FN-2187, raised to serve the First Order, but a series of mostly fortunate events led him where he is now. Sharing his life with the first person who treated him as a real human. [Written for the May The 4th Be With You Star Wars Fanwork Exchange. This is mainly fluff with a capital f and domestic bliss. It nearly rotted my teeth ;)]

The Seventh House
Jupiter Ascending|Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise|PG|1,064 words
Summary: Her life has changed, and this time marriage doesn't mean self sacrifice.

Questions in Neon Lights
MCU|Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff|PG-13|1,006 words
Summary: It's a bad, bad idea but Clint still thinks about kissing him. [Originally written for a prompt over at comment fic, it was updated after posting to AO3]


[100+ words]

Gonna Do My Very Best
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG-13|643 words
Summary: Merlin isn't sure if his friends are conspiring to give him the same gift as a joke or if it's just a coincidence. Thankfully Arthur has other ideas.

One Year of Snow
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|862 words
Summary: Camelot has been cursed with eternal snow, or at least it seems like it, and Merlin tries to show Arthur it’s not all that bad. [Written for the holiday exchange at Camelot Drabble.]

Forget Me Not
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG-13|726 words
Summary: Everyday Merlin waits for Arthur to come back home.

Now Its Not Our Time
Merlin|Arthur/Gwen, one sided Arthur/Merlin|G|100 words
Summary: Love doesn't always come at the right moment, Merlin knows that to be

Merlin|Gen|G|191 words
Summary: Merlin arrives in Camelot.

Swallow the Light
Merlin|Gen|G|274 words
Summary: Merlin always gets in her way, but this time she’s got the upper hand. With Alator’s help no one will be able to stop her, not even Emrys.

Merlin|Gen|G|187 words
Summary: Arthur wants to believe Gaius is not a traitor, but Agravaine makes it difficult.

Yours to Break
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|230 words
Summary: Merlin's disappointment in him is more than what Arthur can handle.

All That Glitters
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|342 words
Summary: Merlin has a plan to trap the goblin he let out

At the Edge
Merlin|Gen|G|162 words
Summary: Morgana came too close to finding out Merlin's secret. And he has to make things right.

Rise Like Blackness
Merlin|Gen:Merlin, Hunith|G|205 words
Summary: When the moon is so high up they better stay inside. [I used Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival as an inspiration for the Prompt Classic Rock over at Camelot Drabble, I love the song and CCR so much I couldn't help it. I only wish I could have written a bit more, but a short drabble was all I could come up with.]

Pebbles Forgive Me, Trees Forgive Me
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|388 words
Summary: Modern day AU. It is a great offense to watch your favorite TV show without your significant other.

And One Day You Will Find Me
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|827 words
Summary: It's easier to hide and pretend nothing can touch you.

Where It Might Lead
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|658 words
Summary: He either leaves Arthur behind or gets his dream job.

Even if We Never Win
DCU|Dick Grayson/Jason Todd|PG-13|348 words
Summary: It starts with anger and it ends with anger. Jason knows they can't stop playing this game. [Originally written for a prompt over at comment fic, it was updated after posting to ao3]

Lost in the Rules We Made to Our Own Game
DCU/Batman Comics|Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne|R|718 words
Summary: Bruce doesn't ask him to stay. And Jason always walks away.

I'm Gonna Make Your Life So Sweet
MCU|Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes|PG|782 words
Summary: Sam likes to spend his evenings at Bucky's bakery, and Bucky finds out he actually enjoys him being around. More than he thought.

Femslash Drabbles

Middle-Earth vs Oz?
Supernatural|Charlie/Dorothy|PG|100 words
Summary: Charlie and Dorothy go hunting for books, but Dorothy isn't amused.

Queen of the Feels
Supernatural|Charlie/Jo|PG|116 words
Summary: Charlie teaches a thing or two about fandom to Jo.

My Star, My Satellite
Supernatural|Charlie/Jo|G|100 words
Summary: There's an undiscovered region of space, and it's Charlie's and Jo's job to explore it. Together.

And It Comes Haunted!
Supernatural|Charlie/Jo|G|200 words
Summary: Charlie's roommate just happens to be a ghost.

The Kiss Thief
Supernatural|Bela Talbot/Tessa|PG|250 words
Summary: Treasure hunter Bela Talbot finds a pendant with a secret inside it.

Nox Arcana
Supernatural|Anna/Ruby|PG|100 words
Summary: A witch hunt begins.

The Future Diviner
Supernatural|Anna/Jo|G|104 words
Summary: Sometimes Fate plays her cards and you can do nothing to prevent it.

Ashes and Flowers
Supernatural|Anna/Tessa|G|200 words
Summary: It's the end of the world and they've been on the road for far too long.

Supernatural|Charlie/Meg|G|100 words
Summary: Agent Charlie Bradbury has been assigned a new job, but there's an unexpected turn of events.

Wind Up Girl
Supernatural|Bela Talbot/Jo|PG|206 words
Summary: Jo has a problem with her mechanical hand.

Capture the Crown
Supernatural|Amara/Lilith|G|120 words
Summary: Being born into royalty isn't fun and games.

Of the Water
Supernatural|Anna/Charlie|PG|100 words
Summary: Anna and Charlie make offerings to the river spirits.

The Truths of Cosplaying at Comic-con
Supernatural|Charlie/Jo|G|100 words
Summary: Charlie and Jo go to comic-con.

A Most Magical Being
Supernatural|Charlie/Gilda|PG|175 words
Summary: Charlie really commits when it comes to Halloween.

Radiant We
Teen Wolf|Allison Argent/Lydia Martin|PG-13|100 words
Summary: Together they're stronger.

Secret Kisses
Crossover: Gossip Girl/Teen Wolf|Blair/Lydia|G|109 words
Summary: One school to reign, and two queens.

A Hundred Kisses
Sense8|Amanita/Nomi|PG-13|171 words
Summary: Amanita’s dirty talk is a bit out of the ordinary.

In the Dark of the Dancefloor
Sense8|Kala/Riley|G|100 words
Summary: Kala forgets about her troubles dancing with Riley.

Siren's Song
Inception|Ariadne/Mal|PG|100 words
Summary: No one can resist Mal.

This Throne All Made for You
Merlin|Gwen/Morgana|G|100 words
Summary: Morgana and Gwen were always meant to be together.

It's Fashion, Baby
The Mortal Instruments Series|Clary/Isabelle|PG|100 words
Summary: Clary is certainly adjusting. Or maybe not.

Your Eyes Ignite with the Night Sky
Marvel|Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson|PG|100 words
Summary: Gwen takes Mary Jane to see the New Year's fireworks.

I'll Be Your Firecraker
MCU|Darcy Lewis/Sif|PG|100 words
Summary: This is Darcy's first time in Asgard, things get heated.

The Way of Love is Cold
MCU|Darcy Lewis/Sif|PG-13|250 words
Summary: Sif is getting acquainted with earth's holidays.

X-men movieverse|Kitty/Rogue|G|100 words
Summary: Both want to do what they can’t: touch.

Within Us
Penny Dreadful|Mina Harker/Vanessa Ives|PG-13|100 words
Summary: Vanessa can't stop the dreams she has of Mina. Her Mina.

In Another Life
Penny Dreadful|Vanessa/Mina|PG|100 words
Summary: There is a life with Mina and one without her.

Underneath Your Skin
Penny Dreadful|Mina Harker/Vanessa Ives|R|150 words
Summary: There's always a first time. New beginnings.

To the Edge
Penny Dreadful|Mina Harker/Vanessa Ives|G|100 words
Summary: Vanessa and Mina will always chase each other.

Queens of Earth
Vikings|Aslaug/Lagertha|G|100 words
Summary: Lagertha has gone from hating Aslaug to seeing her bravery.

Love You and That's All...
The Craft|Bonnie/Rochelle|G|157 words
Summary: Magic is not necessary to be beautiful.

Jennifer's Body|Jennifer Check/Needy Lesnicki|PG-13|250 words
Summary: Jennifer is getting ready for the annual Festival of Bacchus and it's making Needy nervous. It definitely isn't like Christmas.

Like a Moth to a Flame
Twilight|Alice/Bella|PG-13|100 words
Summary: Bella has only one weakness: Alice.

Find Me a Shadow
Orange is the New Black|Alex/Piper|PG-13|100 words
Summary: Weeks of being alone can turn you desperate.

Friendship Bracelets Not Required
Orange is the New Black|Poussey/Soso|G|100 words
Summary: Friends can be found in unexpected places.

Golden Days
Steven Universe|Garnet/PearlG|103 words
Summary: Sardonyx is all Pearl needs.

Steven Universe|Jasper/Lapis Lazuli|G|100 words
Summary: Lapis Lazuli can keep Jasper chained to the sea.

One and the Same
Steven Universe|Ruby/Sapphire|G|100 words
Summary: They'll always be together.



Lab Coats & Scrubs ‘verse

Merlin is a nurse with a ridiculous crush on the very oblivious Arthur Pendragon who can only handle hearts when he's in surgery.

1. The Key to Success|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|533 words
Summary: Merlin tries to be secretive about his crush, but it doesn't work. Arthur (and everyone at the hospital) is onto him.

2. Beneath These Gray Clouds|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|374 words
Summary: There are two things Merlin didn't see coming: rain and Arthur's offer.

3. Expectations vs Reality|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|503 words
Summary: Merlin finds out that reality is never quite what you expect, especially when you're on a car ride with Arthur.

4. With the Help of My Friends |On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|574 words
Summary: Arthur doesn't understand why he cares about Merlin, while Merlin doesn't understand why Arthur won't notice him.

5. I'm Ready to be Heartbroken|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|750 words
Summary: Despite the lack of interest Arthur shows, there's nothing Merlin can do to change his feelings for him.

6. Hooked on You|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Percival|G|998 words
Summary: To his surprise Merlin receives a Valentine’s Day card from someone he met long ago.

7. Maybe You Could Be Mine|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Percival|G|916 words
Summary: Gwen opens Arthur's eyes, and perhaps he needs more than just a little push towards Merlin.

8. The Waiting|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Percival|PG|610 words
Summary: For months Merlin has been waiting for Arthur, expecting something that might never happen, but maybe his doubts are what's standing in the way.

9. When the Truth Falls from Your Lips|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|1, 030 words
Summary: Arthur stops doubting and takes a chance on Merlin.

10. For Him|On AO3
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|444 words
Summary: Arthur finally has everything he never knew he needed.

Little Things

Merlin was born with magic. He is magic. According to the laws he must study the Old Magic and learn for the benefit of the kingdom. [I wrote this one as a part of the April theme at Camelot Drabble, which was: "Characters written as kids." It certainly took me out of my comfort zone as I'm not used to writing kidfic.]

1.A Quiet Place
Merlin|Gen|G|820 words
Summary: Learning the ways of the old magic in theory sounds like a good idea, but being taught far away from his home is more than Merlin can handle.

2. Lessons, You & Tea
Merlin|Gen|G|846 words
Summary: Merlin is given time alone to learn a very important lesson.

3. There's a Fine, Fine Line
Merlin|Gen|G|716 words
Summary: Arthur realizes he might not be number one in Merlin's life.


If You Find Me, Hide Me
Marvel comics|Peter Parker/Wade Wilson|PG-13 so far|2,988 words until now
Summary: The road to romancing a spider is not an easy one, there are bumps and cracks along the way, but Deadpool doesn't give up. Or how Spider-man and Deadpool's love blossomed and they actually became a thing.

[This one started with me filling a prompt on comment_fic and running with it, deciding I wanted to make a series out of it and post it to AO3, because Spideypool is the OTP of my heart. I update randomly when I'm hit by the muses.]



Calm Before the Storm
MCU|Gen: Tony Stark + Pepper Pots + Bruce Banner|G|157 words|Prompt: “[name] and I have private things to discuss privately in private.”

We're the Explosions in Your Heart
MCU|Tony Stark + Bruce Banner + Pepper Pots|G|One sentence|Prompt: explosion

Always On My Mind
MCU|Steve/Bucky|G|25 words|Prompt: Bucky Barnes was always dangerous.

Coming Back
MCU|Steve/Bucky|PG|141 words|Prompt: finally

Broken Ties
MCU|Steve Rogers/Tony Stark|One sentence|G|Prompt: friendship

Enemies We've Become
MCU|Steve/Tony|G|27 words|Prompt: I hate what we've become

Keep Me
MCU|Loki/Tony|PG-13|27 words|Prompt: dominance

In Your Voice
MCU|Clint/Natasha|PG|197 words|Prompt: siren!Natasha

My Only Girl
MCU|Clint/Natasha|PG|One Sentence|Prompt: thrill

Until the End
MCU|Gen: Bucky Barnes|PG|One sentence|Prompt: though I wear a uniform, I was not born to fight.

My World for You
Jessica Jones|Trish Walker/Jessica Jones|One sentence|Prompt: hellcat

Greetings, Sweetheart
Hawkeye|Jessica Drew/Clint Barton|G|One sentence|Prompt: lukewarm

When Words are Meaningless
Hawkeye|Clint Barton/Kate Bishop|PG|One sentence|Prompt: idle

Not Your Average Girl
Hawkeye|Clint Barton/Kate Bishop|G|One sentence|Prompt: princess

Bruises & Coffee
Hawkeye|Gen: Clint Barton|G|98 words|Prompt: coffee

It's Not a Brunch
Hawkeye|Clint Barton + Kate Bishop|G|27 words|Prompt: breakfast at noon.

Say Cheese!
Marvel Comics|Peter Parker/Wade Wilson|PG|255 words|Prompt: Did someone say selfie?

Our Sweet Home
Marvel Comics|Peter Parker/Wade Wilson|PG-13|447 words|Prompt: He only realizes that Wade has moved in when they're in the middle of Target arguing over whether or not to get the tacky superhero themed toaster when they already have a perfectly good one at home.

All the Spideys to the Yard
Marvel Comics|Peter Parker/Wade Wilson|PG|One sentence|Prompt: music

Let the Night Win
Marvel Comics|Peter Parker/Wade Wilson|R|One sentence|Prompt: surrender

Marvel Comics|Peter Parker/Wade Wilson|R|One sentence|Prompt: really bad porn

In the Corner of the Room
Batman Comics|Eddie Nygma/Bruce Wayne|R|Prompt: query

Right Here is Perfect
Teen Titans|Tim Drake/Conner Kent|PG-13|27 words|Prompt: under

My Boy Wonder
Teen Titans|Tim Drake/Conner Kent|G|One sentence|Prompt: dork

By T-To-Touch Alone
Teen Titans|Tim Drake/Conner Kent|PG-13|One sentence|Prompt: yelp

Cursed Words
Supernatural|Sam Winchester/Castiel|G|71 words|Prompt: the book that could kill you

Supernatural|Sam Winchester/Castiel|G|194 words|Prompt: alien invasion. Only beings left.

Lost and Found
Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Castiel|G|230 words|Prompt: lost

Keep the Car Running
Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Castiel|G|177 words|Prompt: Cas gives Dean a reason to keep going when everything else is gone.

Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Castiel|PG-13|148 words|Prompt: Cas's vessel doesn't age and Dean starts joking about his "hot young" boyfriend

Dangerously Infatuated
Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Benny|PG|111 words|Prompt: He is a monster and bad, but I can't stop loving him.

Hunt My Heart Down
Supernatural|Dean Winchester/Benny|PG|25 words|Prompt: love

Supernatural|Hannah/Castiel|G|337 words|Prompt: giants

When the Heart Speaks
Supernatural|Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester|R|646 words|Prompt: Touch Me(One Night with Sole Regret)

My Longtime Companion
Supernatural|Sam Winchester + Dean Winchester|PG|189 words|Prompt: when they cant fight anymore.

Pancakes and Apple Pie
Supernatural|Sam Winchester + Dean Winchester, Or Sam/Dean)|G|207 words|Prompt: The bunker is their home sweet home.

A Hug a Day Keeps the Monsters Away
Supernatural|Gen: Sam Winchester + Dean Winchester|G|393 words|Prompt: national hug day!

Blue Dudes and Superheroes
Supernatural|Sam Winchester + Dean Winchester|G|317 words|Prompt: they may be grown men but at heart they are still little boys who love Saturday morning cartoons.

Hey Brother
Supernatural|Sam Winchester + Dean Winchester|G|One sentence|Prompt: I’m half a heart without you

Sammy and His Purple Crayon
Supernatural|Gen: wee!chesters|PG|309 words|Prompt: Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Sleeping on a Cloud
Supernatural|wee!Chesters|G|369 words|Prompt: pillow forts on a rainy day

Inside the Night
Supernatural|Gen: wee!Sam Winchester|PG|185 words|Prompt: meeting a supernatural being for the first time.

My Devil and I
Supernatural|Gen: Sam Winchester + Lucifer|G|75 words|Prompt: you understand me.

Supernatural|Gen: Castiel|PG|103 words|Prompt: angels don't dream, so why does Castiel still have nightmares about being helpless in Metatron's hands?

To Darkness Come
Supernatural|Gen: Dean Winchester|PG|82 words|Prompt:
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
-W.B. Yeats

Supernatural|Gen: Charlie Bradbury|G|One Sentence|Promp: tears

Magic, Magic
Supernatural|Gen: Rowena|G|One sentence|Prompt: magic

Growing Pains
Supernatural|Gen: Amara|PG-13|171 words|Prompt: how she grows up.

Loving Demons
Hannibal|Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter|PG-13|163 words|Prompt: excuse me while I kiss this guy.

Make It Beautiful
Hannibal|Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter|PG-13|222 words|Prompt: etched into your skin

Hannibal|Gen: Hannibal Lecter|PG|41 words |Prompt: We gladly feast on those who subdue us.

If I Could Only See Your Face
Penny Dreadful|Vanessa Ives/Ethan Chandler|PG|64 words|Prompt: “She's going to eat you up and spit you out. And you'll love every second of it."

What is This?
Penny Dreadful|Ethan Chandler/Victor Frankenstein|PG-13|164 words|Prompt: "I suck at that emotion."

The Final Offering
Penny Dreadful|Gen: Vanessa Ives|PG|224 words|Prompt: 5 times the world ended.

Of Gods and Monsters
Penny Dreadful|Caliban + Victor Frankenstein|PG|311 words|Prompt: you turned me into a monster and then hated what you’d made.

Golden in the Sunlight
Greek Myth| Achilles/Patroclus|PG|190 words|Prompt: I’m going to die for you.

Soaking from a Warm Goodbye
Greek Myth|Achilles/Patroclus|G|One sentence|Prompt: ocean

My Kingdom Beyond
Historical RPF|Gen: Alexander the Great|G|One sentence|Prompt: sand

My Lover, My Friend
Historical RPF|Alexander/Hephaiston|G|Prompt: forced apart by time and sand, take a stand and take my hand, and don’t let it go, never let go

To Rise Again
Historical RPF/Greek Myth/MCU| Alexander/Hephaiston, Achilles/Patroclus, Steve/Bucky|PG|291 words|Prompt: Patroclus always dies first.

All For Love
Sense8|Amanita/Nomi|PG|176 words|Prompt: For Love Alone

No Runaway Bride
Sense8|Gen: Kala Dandekar|PG|233 words|Prompt: running from marriage

Sense8|Gen: The Cluster|G|180 words|Prompt: Never underestimate that a small number of people can change the world

Not So Meet Cute
Inception|Arthur/Eames|G|373 words|Prompt: 5 times they lied about how they met and someone believed them + the 1 time they tell the truth and no one does.

Your Little Secret
Inception|Arthur/Eames|PG|182 words|Prompt: I don't want to be your glass of single malt whiskey / Hidden in the bottom drawer

The Darkness of Silence
Inception|Arthur/Eames|PG-13|100 words|Prompt: one day the whole world went blind and deaf.

Only to See You
Vikings|Athelstan/Ragnar Lothbrok|PG|147 words|Prompt: death rarely leaves time for goodbyes.

You are the Heat and the Light
Vikings|Athelstan/Ragnar Lothbrok|PG-13|159 words|Prompt: fire

Pray to Thee
Vikings|Gen: Athelstan|G|One sentence|Prompt: faith

Battle Cry
Vikings|Gen|G|25 words|Prompt: take no prisoners

And I'll Stand by You
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|G|One sentence|Prompt: loyalty

From Here to Eternity
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|One sentence|Prompt: the end of an era

Two Shadows in the Darkness
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin|PG|177 words|Prompt: it comes down to the fact that there never really was another choice.

From East to West
Harry Potter|Gen: Luna Lovegood|G|187 words|Prompt: Harry Potter, any, somehow they end up working with magical creatures after Hogwarts.

Harry Potter|Gen: Lucius Malfoy|G|27 words|Prompt: Lordship

No One Like You
The Mortal Instruments Series|Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane|PG|One sentence|Prompt: thrill

The Mortal Instruments Series|Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane|PG|28 words

Little Shadowhunter Lost
The Mortal Instruments Series|Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane|PG|One sentence|Prompt: lost

The Only One
The Caster Chronicles|Ethan/Lena|PG|108 words|Prompt: first kiss

Masters of Fate
The Caster Chronicles|Ethan/Lena|407 words|Prompt: rain-soaked

Time Gone By
Pacific Rim|Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket|PG-13|133 words|Prompt: escaping their pasts

Pacific Rim|Gen: Mako Mori|G|85 words|Prompt: lost at sea

Here Right in Front of You, I See
Edge of Tomorrow|Gen: Rita Vrataski|G|186 words|Prompt: talking to a younger/older version of yourself.

You’re the Universe
Doctor Who|Gen: Tenth + Rose Tyler|G|One sentence|Prompt: when or

A Love Between Us
Doctor Who|Martha Jones/Mickey|R|One sentence|Prompt: smut

Shall We Dance Till the End?
Torchwood|Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato|PG|176 words|Prompt: "dance with me?"

Greatest Love in the Galaxy
Star Wars: TFA|Finn/Poe Dameron + Rey|PG|46 words|Prompt: Can you take this talk about feelings elsewhere?

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Bed
Star Wars: TFA|Finn/Poe Dameron + Rey|PG|296 words|Prompt: She's not even in the relationship but somehow she still ends up dragged along when they go shopping for new furniture.

About These Nights
Star Wars: TFA|Kylo Ren/General Hux|R|Prompt: hunger

BFFs Means...
Star Wars: TFA|Rey + Finn|G|One sentence|Prompt: my best friend

Star Wars: TFA|Han Solo/Leia Organa|PG-13|350 words|Prompt: turns out he isn't dead. He's a political prisoner of The First Order.

Alone in the Dark
Star Wars|Han Solo/Leia Organa|PG|One sentence|Prompt: touch

Star Wars|Han Solo/Leia Organa|PG|One sentence|Prompt: ache

I'll Take You There
Star Wars|Han Solo/Leia Organa|PG-13|One sentence|Prompt: Control

With You My Heart Stays
Star Wars|Padme/Anakin|PG|134 words|Prompt: What can I do to make you stay?

21st Century Research
Sleepy Hollow|Ichabod Crane + Abbie Mills|G|56 words|Prompt: Internet

Secrets of the Night
Bates Motel|Gen: Norman Bates|PG-13|99 words|Prompt: mother knows best.

The Worst Witch|Gen: Mildred Hubble|G|One sentence|Prompt: Cats are never entirely what they seem.

Helping Hands
Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog|Gen: Penny|G|57 words|Prompt: community

Never Late
Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog|Gen|G|One sentence|Prompt: late

Back to Where We Were
The OC|Ryan Atwood/Seth Cohen|G|153 words|Prompt: getting together after Seth's divorce.

When Your Past Becomes Your Future
How to Get Away with Murder|Analisse/Eve|PG-13|182 words|Prompt: “We need to stop meeting like this. It hurts too much."

Dance Dance with Me
Parks and Recreation|Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt|G|One sentence|Prompt: dance break

Welcome to the World
Call the Midwife|Gen: Jenny Lee|G|300 words| Prompt: calling the midwife

Hush a Bye Baby
Call the Midwife|Gen: Jenny Lee|G|187 words|Prompt: first grandchild

Keep Up
Call the Midwife|Gen: Chummy|G|29 words|Prompt: competition

The Course of Young Love
Pride & Prejudice|Gen: The Bennet Sisters|G|25 words|Prompt: lost cause

Steven Universe|Gen: Crystal Gems + Steven|G|126 words|Prompt: “I told you not to press the red button.”

Trust Yourself
Steven Universe|Gen: Steven + Rose|G| 272 words|Prompt: "I looked for you."

Adventure Time|Marceline/Princess Bubblegum|G|27 words|Prompt: sweet

Alpha Twin
Gravity Falls|Gen|G|173 words|Prompt: he's finally taller than her.

Letters Lost to the Wind
Mary & Max|Gen|G|One sentence|Prompt: communication failure

Welcome Back
Wreck-It Ralph|Gen: Ralph + Vanellope|G|128 words|Prompt: "Where to next?"

Out of Time
The Girl who Leapt Through Time|Gen: Makoto|G|One sentence|Prompt: time travel

My Hands in Yours
Inu x Boku SS|Ririchiyo/Soushi|PG|5 sentences|Prompt: There's still something to learn that I've not.

To the Sea
The Borrowers|Gen: Arriety|G|235 words|Prompt: tiny

Fairy Tales|Gen: Little Red Riding Hood|PG| words|Promot: superhero AU


This is the Tempest We're Fighting For (WIP)
Merlin|Arthur/Merlin, others|PG|6,195 words so far
Summary: Famed Captain Arthur Pendragon has lost his crew, his ship and his hope is hanging by a thread, all he has left is sand and silence. A no man's land. But his indomitable spirit and conviction make him look for a way out, and perhaps one day he'll see those he lost again and find love on the way.
Notes: This fic might contain anachronisms and is a free adaptation of history and piracy facts. It will be updated once a week. Since I'm writing it for Camelot Drabble none of the chapters will exceed the 1,000 words as that is the limit over at the community. Okay, maybe I'll write 100 more words than that from time to time ;)

LJ links: Prologue|Ch.1|Ch.2|Ch.3|Ch.4|Ch.5


Saint Valentine's cards
Merlin|Digital manipulation|Cards made for the prompt Valentine's Day Card over at Camelot_Drabble.

MCU|Digital manipulation|Art made for antigrav_vector's fic Moss written for the 2015 Captain America/Iron Man Big Bang.

Across the hallowed ground
Teen Wolf|Digital manipulation| Art made for pbsaliengirl's fic I Hunt for You with Bloody Feet. Done for the Sterek Big Bang.

Only Fools Fall For You
Teen Wolf|Digital manipulation| Art made for pbsaliengirl's fic wonderful Only Fools Do What I Do. Part of the Teen Wolf Big Bang 2016. This was a pinch-hit, and I'm really glad I got it.

Take Two
Teen Wolf|Digital manipulation| Art I made for gottalovev's fic Take Two and Hit to Right, featuring shortstop!Derek, who I fell in love with, Stiles might be onto something. Part of the Teen Wolf Big Bang 2016.


Breathe With Me
Accompanying mix for Only Fools Do What I Do. The songs I chose for this mix are moody, at times gloomy, but in the end is all about love and feeling torn. Ultimately having a happy ending.

Accompanying mix for Take Two and Hit to Right. This one has catchy and upbeat songs, which I thought could fit the story.

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